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LlamaLAN 14 - Beyond LlamaDOME
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LlamaLAN 13 finale video

LlamaLAN XIV -- OCTOBER 29th-31st 2010!

"Laydeez and Llamaz, I address you as the SURVIVORS of the GLOBAL RUINATION! We shot, punched and headbutted our ways back to wrest control of this planet, but if you thought THAT was a grand day out, you ain't seen nothing yet... Not till you've seen what's coming to the LLAMADOME this October 29th, for THREE DAYS ONLY!

"Been hidin' under some unexploded nuclear bomb since Llamageddon? Have no ideas about what the LlamaDome actually is? Then you've clearly never had to settle an argument! Since we've only just started piecing some kind of civilisation back together, we dare not risk ALL OUT THERMONUCLEAR WAR ever again! The Llamadome is where it STARTS, and where it ENDS! We've witnessed hundreds of bickering couples, grown men and whining kids battle TO THE DEATH to settle who is right in each and every argument - so the SYSTEM WORKS. But what's so special about this MAJOR OCTOBER EVENT?

"Right! Since leading the resistance back in the days of the apocalypse, our GREEN MASTERS rule our whole way of life today. But it turns out not everyone is happy to KEEP it that way! RED and BLUE and YELLOW teams issued their CHALLENGES FOR THE THRONE not a month ago - an' now it's all KICKING OFF! Kicking off in the LLAMADOME, people!

"FOUR TEAMS will enter, ONE will win. This one-time-only battle will be so SUPREMELY massive and INSANE it's gonna take a whole weekend to see it through! In case you missed it, that's FRIDAY OCTOBER 29th till SUNDAY 31st! Yeeeha!!

"Of course, LlamaDome maintenance ain't free... there'll be spillages to clear up, limbs to throw out back for the mutant dogs, and the like. Competitor Tickets start at
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