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AMD Phenom reviews
« on: November 21, 2007, 02:07:29 PM »
PC Perspective

I can't help but draw the analogy of the Phenom launch to that of the Radeon HD 2900 XT: it was a technologically advanced GPU that had scaling issues that kept it from competing at the high end of its market thus forcing AMD to drop prices to stay in the game. Now that AMD's HD 3800 series of GPUs has seemingly fixed that problem, they are presented another with the Phenom desktop processor. Hopefully AMD will make as quick a turnaround on this project as they did on the GPU side and we'll see the Phenoms truly compete at all price ranges.


    As stated on page one, the Phenom is a disappointment. It comes close to meeting a clock-for-clock battle at 2.4GHz or so, but still just does not do it. Phenom has not caught up with the IPC Conroe had to offer so many months ago. As the clocks scale, Phenom begins to look even worse against the new Intel Yorkfield processors. Keep in mind those Yorkfield core Intel processors are priced about $700 more than our Phenom 9600, but the lower end Intel Yorkfield cores are coming and will be very close in price to our Phenom 9600. And yes Yorkfield will simply run away from Phenom in clock to clock benchmarks.

    The Spider platform is a shining star with its solid 790FX chipset motherboards, and the AMD OverDrive application is a sure fire winner over other solutions, but it is hard to suggest a system based on those qualities alone when it seems there are going to be much greater values in Intel products very soon. AMD has to scale, and scale quickly. I have seen Phenom processors running at 3.6GHz (air cooled) on the 790FX chipset. AMD needs 3GHz+ to be a retail reality soon, but sadly I simply don
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