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Final CS RULES - :)
« on: May 13, 2002, 01:47:34 PM »
                    lo peeps. as im bored in my lunch break i thort i would post the final rules.
4v4 CS 1.4

There will be 4 rounds. qualifiers-quarters-semi's-final
There will be 4 maps in the hat [the captains pick out of the hat]
maps: Train
Bomb timer 35seconds

Qualifiers  MAX ROUNDS 6
Quarters   MAX ROUNDS 8
Semi`s      MAX ROUNDS 10
Final          MAX ROUNDS 12

At the start of the game. there will be a Nife round so the winer of the nife round will pick what team they want. if you are thinking, err its max rounds, point of seeing whitch team. then you are wrong. It matters.....

If one of the players of the clan drops out at the start of the round, The round will be played until the next round is started and the game is paused[CB RULE]

You cant have a person out of a clan that has been nocked out of the torny. ONLY 1 CLAN PER PERSON

That are final rules. if there is a HUGE feedback about a rule then i will change it.


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