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Greetings from the ESL
« on: July 21, 2005, 10:03:43 PM »
With the recent release of the amazing Battlefield 2, a great deal of people have been wondering if it will ever been taken as a serious competitive game...

Well today, over at ESL they have announced that they will be supporting Battlefield 2 fully!

While many of you were waiting for months to play Battlefield 2, we were busy planning for its introduction into the ESL UK scene and I can guarantee that you wont be disappointed. Over the upcoming months we will be introducing a numerous selection of Ladders, Leagues and Cups to keep you "the gamers" satisfied.

The Opening Ladders

To begin with we will be introducing a "Small Team" ladder, this consisting of 8v8 on 16 player maps and as an alternative the "Large Team" ladder accommodates teams with 16 players, resulting in a 16on16 on 32 player maps

As well as the two Ladders, we are happy to announce that Battlefield will be an active game in this years Summer Series (05). The format for this will be a 8on8 , 16 Team Cup.

* Summer Series Cup (32 Teams)
* Small Team Ladder
* Large Team Ladder

You can see all the the information regarding the different tournaments and cups by clicking here.

If you require any further info you can join the ESL IRC channel - irc://"> on quakenet.